Taurus  PT738

Installing the "RTK Sweet Spot" trigger in your PT738





How to install













Unload your PT738 Field Strip
a  a 
Pry out spring cap. a 
Use a loop of string to grab hook of hammer spring. a 
Pull up and release spring into magazine well. a 
Support pistol well.

Use punch and hammer to drive pin out. 
The Taurus only has one pin to remove. a 
Lift frame out from the front.

You will need to pull the trigger to clear frame.
a  a 
Left side of frame.  Right side of frame. 
Release trigger spring.

Remove link-bar.
There is a small hole in the back of the plastic trigger.

Use a paperclip to push trigger pin up, to remove.
Remove pin, spring, trigger pivot and trigger. a 
The fit between the pivot pin and new trigger is very tight.
It might be necessary to file the pivot pin to fit.
I have colored the pivot pin with magic marker, so that I could see any high spots after trying it in the trigger. 
Assemble the four parts to verify fit before installing into frame.

The top set screw will be used to secure the trigger pin.

You will not have adjustment for take-up, but you will find very little anyway.
Assemble the trigger parts in the frame.

Make sure that the spring tail is at 5:00 and that you press in on the spring as you insert the pin.

The groove in the pin goes to the top.
Make sure the pin is flush with the top of the trigger before you tighten the top set screw.

The set screw uses a .050" Allen key.
Install the link-bar and tension the trigger spring.  a 
This is the hammer block.

On the right side of the stock just behind the "TCP" logo you will see a small hole. 
Push the hammer block forward and insert a thin nail or heavy paperclip in to retain the hammer block as shown.  a 
Put the slide lock in place.  a 
After installing the slide lock spring you must keep your thumb on it until frame is in stock.  a 
Feed trigger in first.

Hammer spring should be in magazine well. 
Now tip the back of the frame into place,

Remember to keep your thumb on the slide lock and spring. 
At this point you can relax a little.  a 
Pull out the nail, and seat the frame.  a 
Before installing the retaining pin make sure that the trigger cycles smoothly.  a 
Install the spring retaining pin.

Find your  string and tension the hammer spring. 
Install the cap and you are ready for the slide.  a 
a  a 

On my pistol I have just enough travel to fire and just enough to reset. 
If you have failure to fire because of a lack of over-travel: you will need to file the area in the green, on the plastic stock.

File it square so that the trigger can move further back. This is best done with the frame out of the stock. 
If you have failure to reset because of lack
of forward movement: you will need to file the area in green, on the plastic stock.

File it square so that the trigger can move further forward. This is best done with the frame out of the stock. 
Adjusting your "RTK" trigger


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