Kel-Tec  PMR 30

Installing a "RTK Magnum" trigger in your PMR 30

Caution !  Should be installed by a Experienced Gunsmith.

How to install













Unload your Kel-Tec PMR 30 Field Strip
a k
Remove only screws marked in green.

Do not remove screw marked in RED

Remove right side safety, NOT shown !
Remove only screws marked in green.

Do not remove screw marked in RED
Feed ramp and hammer group must stay with Left side. j
Mag release must stay with Right side k
Start splitting frame from front.

Hold feed ramp against Left frame.
Frame split complete.

Right side has Mag release and hammer group.

Left side has feed ramp and hammer group.

Warning: If feed ramp detaches from Left side, this spring will pull out of the slide catch. l
Make a tool from a small screwdriver.
Notch the end.
Use the notch to wind the spring and reinsert the tail in the little hole in the Mag catch link.

It is a lot more fun if you don't have to do this...
Note: How the link-bar is under the frame.

Keep it in this position as you start to reassemble the frames.
Wind the spring counter-clockwise. l
Trigger assemble from above. k
Mate the frames and snug down the front screw. k
Align the Mag release pin and the hammer spring pin to their corresponding holes. k
Insert and snug the two screw on the bottom of the grip. The back one is on the left side.

Align hammer assemble with right frame.

Press down on trigger link-bar so that bar is under safety shaft. Then squeeze frame together. l
Insert and tighten remaining screws.
Adjust trigger and test fire. l

 Note: When adjusting your "RTK Magnum" there is only one reset click !

Adjusting your "RTK" trigger


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