Sig  P290

Installing the "RTK Profile" trigger in your P290

Caution !  Should be installed by a Experienced Gunsmith.

Not a do-it-yourself amateur gunsmithing project !




How to install













Unload your Sig Field Strip
a a
Drive out pin at bottom of grip. a
Pull hammer group up. a
Hammer group and ejector removed from stock. a
Link-bar separated from hammer group. a
Use 3/32" nail set as wedge to remove link-bar pin from trigger. a
Link-bar removed.

Drive trigger pin out. a
Trigger group and new "RTK Profile" adjustable trigger.  a 
Position new trigger. Start trigger pin in from one side. Start 1/16" punch in from other side. a
Add trigger spring and capture with punch.
Push pin in, withdrawing punch.
Pry forward on spring for the final push to seat pin. a
Spring in place. a
Use 3/32" nail set as wedge to give clearance  to install link-bar in trigger. a
Link-bar in hammer group. a
Add ejector to hammer group and slide to bottom of stock.

Hammer group fully seated.

Trigger bar spring must be under bar.
There is a small slot in bottom of bar.
Install pin at base of stock. a 
How to change hammer spring
This next series is how to change out your hammer spring. See above on how to remove hammer group from stock.

Pull hammer back. Tensioning spring
Capture spring with point of awl thru 1/16" hole.

You must maintain pressure on awl for next few steps.
Push hammer pin out. Remove hammer and firing pin disconnect. a
Using punch gently release hammer spring. a
Remove small pin sear. try not to displace spring in sear. a
Change spring. a
Use punch to tension spring and capture with a 1/16" punch thru hole in back strap. a
Replace sear and upper pin.

Start lower pin thru link-bar disconnect.
Add hammer. a
Add firing pin disconnect. a 
Tap pin flush. a 
Release hammer spring. a 
How to change firing pin spring.  
Press down on blocker and push forward on firing pin until you can slide firing pin stop up and out. a 
Maintaining pressure down on blocker, firing pin and spring will slide out. a 
Blocker removed showing blocker spring.

Assemble in reverse.

 Note: When adjusting your "RTK Profile" there is only one reset click !

Adjusting your "RTK" trigger


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