I got the trigger today and installed it's a great piece and detail and fit was great thanks again 
I'll defiantly recommend to others. 

Mike    8/20/12


This is the most outstanding upgrade I’ve ever purchased or made for a gun. With this video, the entire installation process was a breeze. No surprises. I received my trigger from Ross a few days ago and installed same day. PF 9 is excellent, but trigger is awful. The video does not do it justice on how much of a difference it makes ascetically or mechanically. This is now a completely different gun. For $55, making total purchase $300, you cannot go wrong. Thanks for video and product. I'm amazed.

Chris    8/20/12


Ross, i just installed the new trigger. Put simply, IT'S AWESOME!!!!

I've never disassembled a gun so extensively, but your instructions were clear and concise.

Kel-Tec should be buying these from you... it's a shame that so many PF-9 owners are suffering with the factory trigger and not shooting as much as they would like because of the pain.

There is now so much more room between the front of the trigger and the inside of the trigger guard. Wearing gloved will no longer be a problem.

THX!!   Smitty




Thank you for your prompt responses to my e-mail.

What I ended up doing was carefully chucking the trigger pin into my Dremel and spinning it while holding a piece of 220 grit sandpaper against it.  In this way I was able to remove about a half a thousand and that was all it took.  The pin freely entered the lower hole and yet was quite snug as it reached the bottom of the channel.

I reassembled the pistol, adjusted the take-up and over-travel screws, and loctited them in place.

What a difference in the feel of the trigger stroke.

Excellent product.


I spent more time adjusting the triggers and I believe I have them just right.  

Thank you for your reply. He was able to get it to work and he says he loves how the new trigger feels.  You made his Father's Day a happy one. He says he will refer others to you for your products! Thanks again!


Ross love the trigger.  I bought another kel-tec pf 9 wanted to see if you have another trigger in stock and I’ll order another


Your trigger is the BEST thing that ever happen to this gun and my finger
Thank You.

Thank you for such a great product.  It works great and the gun shoots much better.  I don't think I need any other upgrades.  Your video was a great help.